Making sense of Your Story; a psychological approach to understanding yourself and how you manage challenging times


We all want to manage difficulties better, whether that is stress, relationships or work. However, it’s really difficult to do that before you  develop your understanding of yourself, your personal story and how you currently manage. A bit like trying to cook a fancy meal before you have the recipe; you know what the end product is meant to look like, but a bit stuck about how to get there.

A bear hibernates when the environment isn’t suitable right? Birds fly south when their environment isn’t suitable right? But as humans, we have to continuously adapt to a changing environment. So if you think of yourself as a tree (I know, bare with me), we are all made of different things and thrive in different environments. So if your environment isn’t working out for you, then wouldn’t you, in evolutionary terms, want to hibernate too? This is where low mood, feeling stuck or lost, and anxiety can come into play. This is also why “one size fits all” in terms of advice doesn’t work, as we are all different “trees” who thrive in different “environments”.

This 2.5 hour workshop focuses on giving you the time, space and skills to take a step back and understand what is going on for you, before trying to change it. We use a narrative therapy approach, which is a more delicate way to help people feel less vulnerable when talking about experiences and leave feeling more empowered about their abilities.

Worried you’ll have to bare your heart and soul? This workshop is designed for people to share as much or as little as you want. We encourage reflections – whether these are in your head or verbally expressed, they are equally as valid and important.

Not sure what reflecting on your "identity" entails? I'm sure you've written a personal statement, social media bio or LinkedIn profile before - this workshop gives you the space to understand why you wrote what you wrote, and whether that aligns with who you feel like or want to be.

Don’t consider yourself a “thinker”? Don’t worry – there is enough structure to suit all reflective abilities. You may surprise yourself.

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What are the benefits?

  • Learn about yourself; time and space to reflect on your personal story, values and identity.

  • Opportunity to consider your life from a new perspective.

  • Manage difficult times; Understand how you manage challenging times and reflect on how/if you want to change that.

  • Learn from others ideas and experiences

  • Acknowledge your strengths and how to utilise them

  • Find your focus; Define your hopes and aspirations for the future.

Course content

  • The origins of the narrative approach used

  • Hands-on exercises to help break down and reflect on individual aspects of your personal story, including your heritage, strengths and aspirations.

  • Reflecting on your personal values and how you live by them

  • Understanding your approach to managing difficult times

  • Applying new knowledge and self-understanding to everyday life

  • Small group discussions to help expand your reflections & learn from others

  • Solidifying ideas to make changes to our lives

This course includes:

  • 2.5 hour skilful instruction

  • Digital PDF of handouts and exercises

  • Personal change plan

What our clients have said

“A great experience of learning to understand how one's mind works and how we process situations good or bad. I walked out of the session feeling elated!” – Olly H.

"Great session. It allowed me the space and time to think about my own narrative and gave me some great insights to help overcome challenges both personally and professional. Would recommend!" - Ross M.

“The workshop created the time to stop, reflect and explore. I love their approach to create a friendly and creative space, which removed all my pre-existing perceptions of “psychology”. Having spent time reflecting on areas such as my values, goals and strengths, I left the workshop feeling re-energised and re-focused” - Louisa H.

"A brilliant workshop teaching you skills that we were never taught in school, helping to understand how you've got to where you are now, and what things are important in your life to help pave where you're headed. Useful and applicable from the moment you leave. Highly recommend." - Rebecca R.

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