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Managing Covid-19 & Lockdown:

How to take care of your mental health

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Does any of this sound like your experience?

  • Is the uncertainty of the world is dragging you down?

  • Is the easing of the lockdown is making you feel uncomfortable?

  • Is the niggling feeling of job security is in the back of your head?

  • Have you been through a lot of changes in the past 6 months - relationships, work, routine, lifestyle etc?

  • Are you trying to support others around you but struggling to understand their experiences?

 Imagine IF....  

  • You had a greater understanding of how covid-19, lockdown and related events have impacted on mental health so far

  • You created a blueprint of how you cope best with situations that you could apply to any situation in the future

  • You dedicated 3 hours worth of webinar to self-care and self-development

   This is for you.   

Managing Covid-19 & Lockdown: How to take care of your mental health

An Online Programme

What is the format of the programme?

There are 3 x 45-50 minute online modules, a workbook and a thoughts diary. 


The modules are a combination of information and independent tasks. You will complete these independent tasks within the module to get a better sense of where you currently stand, where you want to be, and what steps you could start taking to get there.


Over 3 sessions, you'll learn:

- How to identify the more common negative thinking patterns

- How we are emotionally managing covid-19 and the changes

- How you have managed so far

- What activities you may be missing in your life that can help you to keep a balanced mental health

- The practical steps that you can make in order to take care of your mental health, or support others.

- To feel more confident in your own emotional resilience

Here is a little snippet to give you an idea of the kind of things we may cover:

What is Included?

  • Access to 3 modules, each providing new information and tasks to help you take better care of your mental health

  • PDF Workbook each week

  • Negative thoughts diary PDF

Your Investment  

   Only £24 for access to all 3 modules.

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How do I sign up?  

Frequently asked questions

Is this therapy?

No, this is not therapy. The programme is to develop your knowledge and skills about mental health. If you are looking for therapy, I do offer virtual and face-to-face therapy, or please get in touch with your GP or local IAPT service.

Do I need to share my feelings?

You will not be expected to share your feelings or experiences. We will do some reflective exercises, and the answers to these will be written in your own notebook or wherever you chose to write the answers.

Are the modules interactive?

The modules are not interactive.

What about questions?

If you have questions about the modules, then please feel free to email me.

How long do I have to complete the modules?

I would suggest completing the modules no less than 4-5 days apart and no more than 10-14 days. This helps to keep the concepts fresh in our memory. However, you will have access to the modules for 6 months.

How long does each module take?

Each module is a 40-50 minute video and there are optional accountability tasks.