We offer a range of bespoke services, please see below:

Need help evidencing the work you do?: Psychological Outcome Measures Consultancy

Provide scientific consultancy services on the selection, development and implementation of robust measurements of their companies treatment benefits. We have a passion for the development and delivery of high quality client-centered outcome research to really make a difference. We have experience with both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We can provide analysis and reports of the collected data to help companies improve their services, provide evidence for funding bodies and get a deeper understanding of the psychological impact of their service.

Please note: Not currently taking on new clients.

Do your staff need 1:1 support or group reflective practice?:

Animal-Assisted Workplace Practitioners

We are not currently taking on any individual animal-assisted psychotherapy work. However, a therapy dog is present on request at any workshops or consultations.

Do you or your staff need training on psychological concepts?:

Trainings & Workshops

We offer a variety of training's and workshops that are aimed to help individuals manage their stress, work-life balance and understand what is important to them. These interactive and engaging workshops help individuals to understand themselves better and mental health in general, which in turn strengthens their coping abilities and sense of self. 


We offer can Bespoke training's on various topics, such as stress management, self-care, anxiety, perfectionism or mood management.

Do you want to write about a psychological topic but not sure what is fact and what is fiction?:

Media Consultancy & Collaborations

We are passionate about helping journalists, bloggers and social media users to understand the research and evidence behind psychological phenomena. We can provide guest blog articles and interviews about psychological topics.

Confused about how to support your staff with their well-being?
Workplace Well-being Consultancy

Many companies are now taking the steps towards putting workplace well-being packages in place to support their staff and their mental health.

However, the world of well-being interventions can be difficult to navigate when there are so many options and lots of false advertising. We provide a consultancy package to help you plan out your well-being packages. This includes understanding what your staff would find helpful and combine that with what research has found to be effective. This helps companies to avoid wasting money on multiple interventions on the short-term, and instead provide a long-term plan of how to most effectively support their staff.